Some Goodies?

The post name may be stupid but oh well I am in a good mood.  Also I was informed I might have mad a mistake on chapter 69 of TMD so expect a v2 sometime next week.

I just  released not too long ago and I noticed that some chapters are already posted and mess up the page order.  It doesn’t hurt to wait. So we’re going back to the old method expect links a day after I announce releases. In the meantime you’ll probably be able to read it at Batoto first.

I know you’re like enough with the lecture so here are the releases 5 Chapters: (Yes 5 we’ve been working hard.)

Lfo chapter 2: I am actually getting into this series last chapter it left off with a cliffhanger when the 2 guys were going to fight.  That’s all you’re getting no spoilers

TMD 71: Iujjin  the intern is starting to grow on me b4 I did not like him because I thought he was selfish and a coward but these now I am starting to see him in a new light. Read the chapter to find out why my ideas about hi shifted a bit.

 Totsugami Vol 2 ch 6 &7: I didn’t read these chapters yet but they I skimmed through them and it looks like the  story is progressing and we see more spirits.

TtT chapter 2: The art is awesome I didn’t read this one yet either been very busy. Anyways getting down to the wire 2 more chapters left of Tears to Tiara and I can’t find volume 2 & 3 on the internet so far. So I may have to buy them and the only place I can find them so far is ebay and that’s like $40 bucks so if anyone has money to spare please donate any amount is helpful.

Enjoy the releases people Also we’re recruiting Typesetters,  Cleaners and Translators are needed. Please apply.
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4 Responses to Some Goodies?

  1. RiK says:

    Thanks for the releases and all…..but can't find the pass for the files. Checked the forums and still couldn't find it.

  2. Funymika says:

    Totsugami – thanks so much for that. Love the series and mangaka.

  3. Annex says:

    where u see the word pass then u highlight that section you'll see the password

  4. RiK says:

    Thanks. Didn't even see "Pass" next to it yesterday. Maybe I just missed it from sleep deprivation.

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