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Another Holiday Release?

Yes today I bring you Part 3 of  Holiday Releases. I regret to inform you that its only one release today. Maybe more later this week *wink*..
Anyways today I bring you….

50 Rules for Teenagers ch 17: (I love this project even though the raws are kinda crappy but after chapter 18 which is the last chapter for volume 3 the raws get considerable better. So I apologize in advance for the quality. This project is not being printed anymore and I could only find raws at 1 site. Getting back to the chapter at hand we all know that Mi-roo and Chang-soo have feelings for each other its so obvious. I just can’t wait for future chapters lol.)

Chapter cam be found in forum

We’re recruiting Typesetters(Urgent), Cleaners (Semi Urgent), Raw Providers (Urgent) and Japanese/Korean to English Translators (Urgent) Please apply I think we have some cool projects coming that should be worked on. Also I am willing to add projects suggested by members.

We need raws for the following Projects Tears of Tiara Volume 2 & 3, Totsugami Vol 4 & 5 (or we could use donations for these 2 projects), Strings Dolls chapters 6&7 (Please someone we need raws for the missing chapters for this project.)

Merry Christmas!!

Well today is Part 2 of our Holiday releases. Part 3 will probably be later this week. This is LiVelY sCaNs first Christmas as a group so I’m pretty excited hopefully their will be many more years to come.We may be small atm but we’re trying to stay strong. Anyways I have 2 releases for you guys again. It may only be 2 releases but I think you’ll like it.


String Dolls Ch 3 & 4: (Yep that’s right a double release of Strings Dolls things are getting really interesting in these chapters -spoiler-  we learn more about the game strings dolls and this Miyavi character.)

Chapters can be found in our forum.

People we’re getting down to the chapter 5 mark. After that I only have chapters 8. I had 7 but like I said my computer got messed up and deleted my files.  (Don’t worry I now have a back up hard drive so this won’t happen again.) I had chapter 7 from gangan online and after the computer mess happen I went back to the site but it was deleted and chapter 8 was up. So the chapters I have are 1-5 then 8. I really need a raw provider for this. If only I lived in Japan. If I don’t receive chapters 6 & 7 I may have to skip them and find some way to get them later. But I would really hate to skip them since this series is so interesting. If anyone is feeling generous or whatever this is the link to gangan online their you will see where to buy strings dolls. Its 600yen I think that’s roughly about 6 or 7 U.S dollars and some change. Please help us out!!

Recruiting time!!!

We’re still in need of raw providers/ scanners, typesetters, cleaners an Korean/Japanese to English translators. Come on and Apply we’re a friendly group.

-Yay- Holiday Releases

First of let me start of by saying Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve. Second I like to publicly say thank you to the staff for their hard work and that without you guys their would be no releases and to publicly thank Black_Rabbit our 1 and only Japanese translator( so far ) for making these kick-ass holiday credit pages. I likie alot.

Now to releases:
Like Halloween I planned on releasing just on Christmas but I scratched that idea at the last minute.
And I decided to do things different since work is in progress

So today I  introduce Part 1 of the Holiday Special. I’m sorry to inform you that it will be only  2  releases but hey I’m sure you may want them anyway right?

Part 1:
Nise no Chigiri Vol 01ch1: [ You’re like what Nise no Chigiri you’re finally releasing a chapter Thank god or whoever ( lol). I know right? this project has been through some trial and trepidation but we’re finally putting this project into action we have an official translator  and cleaner for the project. Now if a typesetter would come forth and claim this bad boy all would be good with the world. Anyways this chapter is cool its a little cliche but who cares the art is awesome. Theirs a lot of bishies I tell you lots.]reuploaded this do not host the other copy its the wrong credit page

Bijo Juku Vol 01 ch4:[ When was the last release for this? (lol) I know, I know but hey its here now. This is the official chapter to end volume 1. So about 4 more chapters to go and we’ll have our first completed project. -yay-. On another note I honestly didn’t even read this chapter yet so I’ll be just like everybody else. What I can tell you from glancing at it seems to be about -spolier alert- getting it on. For those who don’t understand I need not explain. For those of you good for you lol.

As usually the download links can be found in the forum

Note: their will only be megaupload links today because mediafire is acting up. I can download things but I can’t upload wtf is with that?

Status of current projects

Totsugami ch 3: cleaning
Bijo Juku ch 5: cleaning and typesetting
LFO ch 1: translating
Nise no Chigiri ch 2: cleaning & translating
TMD ch 69: cleaning and translating (in need of an official translator for this)
Goshimei Arigatou Gozaimasu ch 1: typesetting
Goshimei Arigatou Gozaimasu ch 2: cleaning
Goshimei Arigatou Gozaimasu ch 3 translating
Magical Weapon ch 2: cleaning & proofreading
50 rules for teenagers ch 17:qcing
50 rules for teenagers ch18: translating
Hell Teacher Nube ch 40: typesetting
Hell Teacher Nube ch 41: proofreading

 Upcoming Projects
Baroque ch 1 cleaned (Korean)
Clover ch 1 cleaned (Japanese)
Tears of Tiara ch 1 cleaned (Japanese)

As you can see I listed the status of some the projects on the upcoming list we’re trying to get a head start so we can add projects to our current list but we’re in need of staff. We really need raw providers/scanners, Japanese and Korean to English translators, cleaners and typesetters. Please apply people!


Alright here’s a mini update with our projects.
For Team Medical Dragon our translator is working on some chapters. But we need more Japanese to English Translators since we only have 1. 1 people and I don’t want to bombard her with work so we could use more translators.
50 rules for Teenagers can use another Korean Translator as you can see the releases for this project is slow because our translator is very busy. And again we only have 1 Korean to English translator. We don’t only need more translators for this series but some on our upcoming list.

Some projects have been put on the upcoming list that were on the ongoing list cause not enough staff. So many good projects out their but not enough staff which sucks.

Projects that are on our stalled list are:
Biscuit, Maid Maiden, Team Medical Dragon, Dahlia our joint with Crystallis Scans

Izayakuku with TZA we decided to work on another project instead.

As you can see we added new projects to the list:
LFO-Little Fighter Online
Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin  our new joint with TZA
Hell Teacher Nube
Goshimei Arigatou Gozaimasu!
Nise No Chigiri (been on the ongoing list awhile but its finally being worked on -yay-)
The Strings Dolls (not really new since we have 2 releases out)

Now you may ask how can you be adding projects when you have some on the stalled list that’s because we have translators willing  to translate these projects or translations are provided online.

So all in all though we may have added projects but our list is shorten because we are low on members not only Translators but Typesetters, Cleaners and 1 more Proofreader. I don’t bite so Please Apply! (Lol I went from talking about projects to recruitment = same thing)

Another thing I know this is a long message but again we could use a raw provider for Strings Dolls we’re missing chapters 6 & 7.

Rakshasa Street Ch 2

Well today’s release is Rakshasa Street Ch2 this was a joint with Dark Abyss we had worked on this b4 our joint partners found out that another group was working on Rakshasa street. This is the only and final chapter b4 we officially drop it. 
Here’s  Rakshasa Street Ch2 Enjoy !
Do Not post this chapter on any Manga hosting sites!
We’re still recruiting we’re in need of Japanese and Korean to English Translators. Raw Providers, Typesetters an Cleaners needed as well. We need Japanese translators to finish up bijo juku and team medical dragon. Also need another Korean Translator to finish up 50 rules for teenagers and help with future projects. Right now we have 1 of each who are reliable and haven’t disappeared yet (lol) so it would be nice to give them some help.

Alright Christmas Time!

Like Halloween we are doing a Christmas Special! so we need all hands on deck we could use some typesetters cleaners and raw providers.

We could use someone to provide raws for the following projects:
chapter 6 & 7 of string dolls (missing) I had chapter 7 but my computer was acting up and deleted most of my files. But I was able to get chapter 8. If someone can purchase the first volume and scan 6 & 7 that would be helpful. other wise I will have to skip and find a way to release 6 &7 later.

String Dolls Chapter 2

Alright today’s release is String Dolls Chapter 2. I would just like to say that this series getting more interesting especially future chapters. I had complete control over typesetting this one so if you like it you like if don’t my bad. Enjoy the chapter.!

As always chapter can be found in forum

Recruiting time:

We’re low on Cleaners and Typesetters. Right now its either projects have no cleaned scans but translations or in terms of Typesetting I have chapters cleaned but not yet typesetted so its getting kinda difficult. I need fast reliable people. Also we don’t need anymore Chinese translators at the moment we mainly need Japanese & Korean translators now.

I just wanted to let  the fans know where some  of the projects stand and that we really need help! Also I recruiting a person who’s good with Photoshop or gimp etc. that can design credits pages for some of our current and upcoming projects. So if anyone interested in doing that email me at  or post something up in fan art section in the forum.